Maybe I Do Not Want Children

Maybe I do not want children. 

Maybe I am not ready to have children at twenty-four. 

Maybe I want to experience the world, and embrace my freedom.

Maybe I am not ready to sacrifice my figure.

Maybe I have suffered from a miscarriage. 

Maybe my miscarriage has resulted in me not being able to trust men or my body.

Maybe I am afraid I will not be able to love another person because my heart is so filled with love for my dachshunds. 

Maybe my dachshunds don’t like children, and I am scared of how they will react. 

Maybe I am selfish.

Maybe I have not found a man worthy enough of me carrying his child.

Maybe I enjoy being an aunt beyond your own imagination.

Maybe my nephew has been the perfect birth control. 

Maybe I enjoy my life as it is.

Maybe I think logically enough to know I do not need a child right now. 

Maybe I want to enjoy my youth. 

Maybe children are the most expensive investment you will make. 

Maybe I enjoy being able to go where I want when I want without extra baggage.

Maybe I don’t want children. 


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